5 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Multi-Site Property Maintenance Program

Multi-Site Property Maintenance Program
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As a facility owner or manager, you may be searching for a way to keep your costs down, but still find a way to get property maintenance service programs completed. While you can continue managing these services in-house, outsourcing to a facilities management company can be an attractive option. For many companies, the decision to outsource can come with a host of benefits, including a better focus on growing their business. If you’re considering this option for your commercial facility, the team at Addilan Group is sharing the five benefits of outsourcing your property maintenance



Third-party vendors, like professional plumbers and landscaping companies, have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done correctly. They can also get the best pricing on tools and supplies, and you don’t have to worry about recruiting, hiring, and training your employees to complete the task at hand. Not only does this save you valuable time, but it’s also a much more cost-effective option rather than operating an in-house maintenance team. 


Increase Timeliness and Responsiveness

Many times, maintenance services are placed on the back burner while more critical aspects of the business are attended to. Outsourcing a competent facilities management team can ensure that these problems are fixed promptly. When you create a partnership with a professional multi-site facilities management company, you can expect a long-term relationship that provides your facility with outstanding communication, 24/7 care and support, and superior customer service. When you choose to work with Addilan Group and our team of licensed technicians, you can be confident that your maintenance issues will never go ignored. 


Decrease Risk

An in-house maintenance team may be unaware of certain safety risks, such as preventing injury to themselves or causing catastrophes, such as fires or electrical system failure. When you partner with a facility management company, it’s their job to ensure all service calls and repairs are completed according to regulation. If something goes wrong, the risk falls on the multi-site facilities management team rather than you or your business. 


Lower Liability and Insurance Costs

A reputable multi-site facilities management company will always have adequate insurance coverage to keep you protected. Without utilizing a professional company, you and your employees run the risk of injury, which can increase your liability and insurance costs. While you may be able to handle minor repairs, you should avoid doing so. Outsourcing these services can reduce the hassles and costs associated with the health and safety of your employees or tenants.     


Promotes a Safe Work Environment 

Outsourcing your property maintenance for your commercial business helps to create a safe and enjoyable work environment for everyone involved. The more comfortable your employees feel at the job, the better reputation your company will have. 


Why Choose Addilan Group for all Your Facility Maintenance Needs?

At Addilan Group, we are your partner in success. We serve as your single point of contact for all your facility needs across various industries and markets. The multi-site property maintenance services we provide include:


  • Electrical
  • Handyman
  • Plumbing
  • Backflow Testing 
  • HVAC
  • Floors/Carpets
  • Locks
  • Dark Store Management
  • Painting
  • Overhead Doors/Docks
  • Millwork/Carpentry
  • Voice/Data Cabling
  • Doors and Gates
  • Glass
  • Fixtures


Discover the many ways we can make outsourcing your facility maintenance work for you! Connect with our team at 833-ADDILAN (833-233-4526) or [email protected] today to receive streamlined services and outstanding client satisfaction 24/7/365.