Commercial Plumbing 101

commercial plumbingSeveral areas must be appropriately maintained when you own a multi-site portfolio or commercial property to ensure your location stays up and running. One such area is the plumbing system for your commercial building. Commercial plumbing differs significantly from residential plumbing in that commercial buildings encompass complex pipe installations and extensive waste removal and water supply systems, thus requiring specialized maintenance and repairs. Therefore, commercial plumbing demands professional help in most cases. Below, the experts at Addilan Group highlight why your commercial property maintenance programs should include professional plumbing services. 

Essential Plumbing Services You Need for Your Commercial Property

Multi-purpose facilities, offices, malls, hospitals, and factories have many pipes and water lines which are essential in ensuring that water and other substances flow in and out of a building. To avoid extensive problems and disastrous repairs that result in a shutdown, it’s crucial that facility management partners with a company that can perform routine maintenance and repairs. Here are several commercial plumbing services you need for your property:

Backflow Testing

Clean water is essential for your commercial business to function. Your backflow prevention device ensures that contaminated water never enters the clean water supply. A backflow prevention system should be tested regularly to guarantee the water supply is uncontaminated and safe for consumption. At Addilan Group, our licensed backflow inspectors are equipped and experienced to bring you peace of mind. 

Line Jetting

Your commercial-grade drains and toilets can handle a lot, but they are not resistant to clogs and blockages. With so many people using your facilities, you never know what makes its way down the drain. In the event of a clog, a commercial plumber can visit your site and unclog your toilets or drains. At Addilan Group, our hydro jetting services are the most effective way to avoid clogged pipes caused by grease, food, minerals, and other common debris. Our team can clear blockages from main and sanitary lines, floor drains, and inlet and outlet lines. 

Pipe and Waterline Repairs

Burst pipes and leaks happen, and can cause extensive water damage (and result in a massive water bill) if not handled instantly. Once you discover a leak, it’s best to call a professional immediately. Standing water left in cool, dark, and damp areas for an extended time can cause mold growth, which often spreads quickly. Mold is a significant cause for concern and the issue should be addressed promptly by an expert to avoid severe health risks to you and your staff. 


Every commercial property must undergo routine inspections. Regular plumbing assessments help building owners and property managers spot small issues before they turn into something worse and more costly. 

Hardware Repairs

It’s common for sinks, toilets, faucets, and pipes to leak at a commercial facility. There are also instances where parts need to be replaced due to everyday wear and tear. Performing plumbing hardware repairs periodically throughout the year can help you avoid structural deterioration from leaks, mold growth, and other costly expenses. 

Commercial Property Maintenance Services With Addilan Group

Your commercial plumbing system is the backbone of your property. At Addilan Group, we recognize many plumbing problems are often emergency-related and need to be addressed and triaged quickly. When you partner with us, we connect you with our licensed plumbers, who can identify and diagnose the emergency within a few minutes. From simple fixes to major repairs to backflow inspections and much more, our team can resolve any plumbing issue, no matter the day or time, to keep everything flowing smoothly. Reach out to us at 833-ADDILAN to schedule a commercial plumbing service at your multi-site portfolio.