Kitchen Equipment Repairs

Addilan Group Keeps You Up and Running

Nothing will freeze your business operations like a kitchen equipment failure. With one call, trust Addilan Group for all your restaurant equipment repair and maintenance services. When one kitchen or restaurant appliance breaks down, it can have devastating effects on your business and revenue. We have experience working with all major brands and types of equipment, including stoves, ovens, coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and more. No job is too small or too big! Professional commercial kitchen repairs are crucial to maintaining the upkeep and function of your kitchen equipment to prevent unexpected problems or emergency restaurant equipment repairs. While we are equipped and experienced in handling all types of restaurant equipment maintenance, there are four main areas of commercial kitchen repairs we see the most at multi-site portfolios. 

Refrigeration Repairs

Not surprisingly, the most vital aspect of a functioning kitchen is proper temperature control. When your refrigerator or freezer breaks down, it can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost food products. Professional restaurant equipment maintenance and repairs on your refrigeration systems will help you avoid more costly repairs down the line, help keep energy costs down, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Elements of your refrigeration that should undergo regular preventative maintenance inspections include:
  • Checking door hinges, closers, and electrical connections
  • Cleaning the gaskets and lubricating hinges
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Adjusting defrost timers
  • Inspecting suction line insulation
  • Calibrating thermometers
  • Cleaning condenser coils, drain pans, and air filters

Preventative Restaurant Equipment Maintenance and Kitchen Repairs

A kitchen’s deep fryers, grills, ovens, griddles, and stoves are sources of oil, grease, and grime build-up that can lead to costly repairs, not to mention the risk of fires if not properly cleaned. These appliances are typically the most frequently used and expensive parts of your kitchen and fall victim to a lot of wear and tear. During kitchen maintenance inspections, we will:
  • Check for any parts or filters that need to be replaced
  • Replace any fluids and lubricate parts
  • Clean and sanitize dirty or clogged equipment
  • Inspect and repair any leaks 
Preventative commercial kitchen repairs help keep everything working correctly and safely to avoid costly emergency restaurant equipment repairs.

Grease Trap Maintenance

A grease trap is how your kitchen prevents grease, oil, and any solids from the kitchen waste from washing into the pipes and sewer system. If your grease trap stops working, it can cause clogs, backups, flooding, and foul odors in your kitchen.

Vent Hood and Duct Cleaning

Failure to properly clean your vent hood, ducts, or grease filter puts your kitchen at grave risk of fires. You should clean your vent hood system daily and the grease filter at least once per week, but your entire kitchen food system requires professional cleaning and maintenance at least once every six months to reduce fire risk and maintain compliance with local codes. 

Addilan Group Commercial Kitchen Repairs

Every appliance in your kitchen is vital to the success and operation of your business. One piece of equipment breaking down can significantly impede your staff’s ability to safely produce quality food. From the toaster to large-scale flat-top grill, when you need restaurant equipment repairs, trust Addilan Group. Our expert team is equipped with the tools and experience to quickly and effectively solve your problem and get your kitchen back up and running so you can continue to serve your customers. To learn more about our kitchen repair services, contact us today.