Backflow Testing Services

Preventing Backflow With Addilan Group

Clean water is essential for your business to function. Backflow is when contaminated water reverses flow and enters your clean water lines. This can happen at any cross-connection between clean and dirty water lines and is typically caused by a change in water pressure. Dirty water may contain hazardous contaminants like chemicals, pesticides, or human waste. A backflow prevention device can be installed to ensure that contaminated water never enters the clean water supply. However, this device should be tested at least once a year to confirm that the lines remain clean and that your device is working correctly and has not been damaged. Most municipal codes require annual testing of backflow prevention devices. To ensure the water supply is uncontaminated and safe for consumption, our licensed backflow inspectors are equipped and experienced to bring you peace of mind. You can trust Addilan Group to deliver detailed reports to guarantee cross-contamination never occurs within your water supply.

Benefits of Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is the best way to ensure your water supply is uncontaminated. Addilan Group’s backflow prevention services are crucial for your business to run smoothly and safely.

Prevent Health Concerns

The most obvious reason backflow testing is necessary for your commercial property is the prevention of dangerous health concerns that can occur. When backflow occurs, and your water is contaminated, you could expose your employees, customers, and anybody else that uses your water to serious health risks. Routine backflow testing protects the health and wellness of all the people inside your facilities. 

Avoid Building Damage

Besides the people in your facility, backflow testing also protects your facility itself. If contaminated water reverses its flow and begins to enter your property, the walls and pipes could be damaged by the contaminants. A backflow prevention device and regular testing can help prevent these damages from occurring.

Help the Community

If the safety of the people in your building and the building itself wasn’t enough, how about the community surrounding your facility? Entire communities suffer from a contaminated water supply. If a community member falls ill, they can spread their sickness to others. Pollutants and dirty water can soak into the ground and affect nearby buildings as well. 

Environmental Concerns

Contaminated water that soaks into the ground or enters back into the sewer systems can eventually end up in oceans or lakes, making them even more polluted and affecting wildlife.  

Addilan Group Backflow Prevention Services

When you take your backflow testing seriously and have it conducted by a certified backflow tester from Addilan Group, you ensure your water is safe and clean. Preventing harmful chemicals and pollutants from contaminating your water protects your building, the individuals inside, the surrounding community, and the environment. Your backflow prevention safety device must be tested at least once a year by a professional. Contact Addilan Group today, we will work to ensure that your commercial property remains safe and deliver detailed reports to make sure that cross-contamination never occurs in your water lines.