Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Reliability Is the Name of the Game for Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Repair With Addilan Group

Commercial refrigeration systems are critical in most industries. By practicing preventative maintenance on your cooling systems, you can help avoid the headaches and financial losses associated with spoiled food, beverages, medications, and more. Plus, properly maintaining and inspecting refrigeration systems has many benefits, including reduced power consumption, extended life of critical components, maximized airflow, and avoidance of mold growth. One of the most vital aspects of a commercial kitchen is proper temperature control. When your refrigerator or freezer breaks down, it can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost food products. Professional restaurant and commercial refrigeration maintenance from Addilan Group will help you avoid more costly industrial refrigeration repairs or walk-in freezer repairs down the line and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Elements of your refrigeration that should undergo regular preventative maintenance inspections include:
  • Checking door hinges, closers, and electrical connections
  • Cleaning the gaskets and lubricating hinges
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Adjusting defrost timers
  • Inspecting suction line insulation
  • Calibrating thermometers
  • Cleaning condenser coils, drain pans, and air filters

Common Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

When you utilize Addilan Group for your inspections and preventative maintenance needs, our team of experts can identify any issues with your refrigeration system and quickly make the necessary repairs to avoid lengthy delays to your kitchen operation. We have experience dealing with a wide variety of problems and have seen just about everything. The most common industrial refrigeration repair or commercial walk-in cooler repair needs that we see are:
  • Refrigerator Leaking Water
  • Fluid in Fresh Food Compartments
  • Excessive Frost in Freezer
  • Refrigeration Stopped Running
  • Refrigeration is Not Cooling Properly
  • Refrigeration System Making Strange Noises

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

If your industrial refrigeration system is experiencing any of those issues, has any other problems, or needs maintenance, call Addilan Group as soon as possible. There are many benefits to scheduling a commercial refrigeration repair service for your kitchen, including the following:

Avoid Refrigerator Breakdowns

If your refrigeration system breaks down, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost food products. Or worse, it can shut your kitchen down completely. Scheduling routine maintenance tune-ups or quickly solving a minor temperature problem can help you avoid a complete breakdown that can severely hurt your business. 

Save Your Energy Bills

Preventative maintenance is a great way to find issues you might not notice, such as drain line clogs or loose seals. While your system might still function, it may need to work twice as hard. When your equipment is not operating at peak efficiency, it will drive up your energy costs, causing you to pay much more on utility bills.

Increase Refrigeration Lifespan

Not only does your equipment working twice as hard increase your energy bills, but it will significantly decrease your system’s lifespan. When it has to work harder just to operate, your refrigerator will break down much sooner. A well-maintained system is going to get the most prolonged use possible. 

Improve Safety and Food Quality

If your refrigeration system is not working correctly and temperatures are not at the correct point, it can put the safety and quality of your food in jeopardy. If your commercial walk-in cooler repairs or cleanings are not done correctly, bacteria and mold can begin to grow, causing significant health risks. If you do not stay on top of your kitchen maintenance, your customers could be in danger.

Addilan Group Refrigeration Services

If you need industrial refrigeration or walk-in freezer repairs, trust the professional team at Addilan Group to ensure the safety and quality of your equipment, food, customers, and business. Maintaining your kitchen equipment is crucial for the success of your commercial kitchen, and our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your inspection, preventive maintenance, or repairs, and let us keep your kitchen running smoothly.