Fire & Life Safety

Be Prepared for the Unexpected With Addilan Group

Do not put the life of your employees and guests at risk. Correctly maintained fire extinguishers, kitchen suppression systems, and emergency exit lights save lives and prevent property damage. As the owner or manager of a multi-site portfolio, this responsibility falls on you. But it does not have to be on you alone. With one of our preventative maintenance programs, let us give you the peace of mind that you are covered and compliant.

Benefits of a Fire and Life Safety Program

Not only do you need to have fire and life safety methods in place, but it is also crucial to keep up with their inspection and testing management. Failure to schedule fire protection system inspections at least once a year can result in liability exposure and potential code violations, compliance issues, extensive damage, and regulatory errors.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), your fire alarm system requires semi-annual testing to remain compliant with safety standards. All other parts of your commercial fire protection system should be inspected annually, including the fire alarm, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. Addilan Group provides the testing, inspections, and preventative maintenance required to ensure your system remains within NFPA codes and local and state requirements. Not only will our fire and life safety program keep you compliant, but there are several other benefits to regularly inspecting your fire and life safety systems.

Ensure Function and Protection

Regularly inspecting your system ensures that everything is working correctly and that the tenants and patrons in your building are safe and adequately protected. Most commercial sprinkler systems are static and only run water through them when needed. This means you will only know if they are not working when it is too late. Fire alarms and kitchen suppression systems should also be regularly tested so that if there is ever an emergency, they function correctly to keep everyone safe. 

Recognize Opportunities for Updates

Maintaining a consistent inspection schedule allows you to easily identify areas of your system that need updates and upgrades. Replacing outdated safety tools and always looking for ways to improve the safety of your facility sets a strong precedent and shows your employees that you care. 

Insurance Discounts

When insurance premiums are set for a multi-site portfolio, risk assessments are usually a factor when determining property insurance rates. Insurance providers often offer discounts for professionally maintained and inspected fire safety systems. Not to mention, when insurance claims are filed, proof of regular fire inspections will be required. 

Save Money

The safety of your building and its occupants is the top priority, but helping your business save money might be a close second. Properly maintained and inspected fire and life safety systems will save money on repairs needed for outdated or damaged equipment, prevent fines for noncompliance, and keep your business open and operational. 

Fire and Life Safety Management from Addilan Group

Every multi-site portfolio needs a facility management service company to bring them peace of mind that their building is protected and remains in compliance. From your commercial fire alarm system to emergency exit lights, Addilan Group puts the health and safety of your customers and employees first by performing complete inspections, testing, and analysis on all of your systems, making recommendations, and offering a full report on all of our findings. To learn more about our facility management services or begin your fire safety program, call 833-233-4526.