Hood Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Repairs and Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services

Your restaurant is more than just the quality of food and beverages you serve. Part of what makes a restaurant successful is the environment that you create. From the layout and decor to the kitchen equipment and everything in between, these critical pieces play a significant role in providing your customers with the best dining experience. Keeping all these components well-maintained and running is no small task, especially across multiple locations. That’s where Addilan Group can help.

The Advantages of Working With a Professional For Commercial Kitchen Repairs

How can you maintain your commercial kitchen without inconveniencing staff or interrupting daily operations? By partnering with a multi-site facility management company that can handle any kitchen repair need. From a refrigerator breakdown that can lead to headaches and financial losses associated with spoiled food and beverages to servicing all major brands and types of equipment, ranging from ovens, stoves, coolers, and freezers, you can count on Addilan Group to be there for you and your kitchen when equipment failure happens. Nothing freezes a business faster than malfunctioning equipment. With Addilan Group by your side, you only have to make one call to handle all the various issues that arise within your commercial restaurant. 

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Exhaust gases and grease leave a residue inside your ductwork, restricting airflow and reducing your system’s overall efficiency. Reduce your risk of a kitchen fire by having your exhaust hoods, fans, and ductwork professionally cleaned to reduce potential hazards, avoid possible fines, and maintain compliance with local codes. And by scheduling regular, state-of-the-art cleaning during off-peak hours, you can ensure the uninterrupted operation of your kitchen.  When you partner with Addilan Group, our scheduled restaurant hood cleanings will keep your systems running while eliminating potential fire hazards. Stay compliant per NFPA-96 code, avoid possible fines, and keep the Fire Marshall happy with our help! We utilize preventative maintenance programs, specialized industry equipment, and complete system cleaning to establish peace of mind and a clean and compliant commercial kitchen. Below you will find the unique benefits of working with Addilan Group: 
  • Automated PM schedule via technology platform– no missed services
  • Automated reporting that allows you to know when grease trap services will be performed
  • Dedicated account team with a single point of contact
  • 24/7/365 Operations Center
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Asset tracking and cost assessment

Commercial Kitchen Operation Solutions by Addilan Group

We understand your business depends upon a tightly run operation. You seek a facility management company that can respond quickly, wherever and whenever an issue arises. A company that believes in outstanding communication and how it is fundamental for success in work, life, and relationships. Look no further than Addilan Group — A Partner in Your Success. Our dedicated team can handle any maintenance request, from equipment repair to refrigeration issues and grease trap cleaning. Your business is our business, whether your restaurant is a stand-alone enterprise or part of many units in the portfolio. Connect with us at 833-ADDILAN to begin working with us today.