Line Jetting Services

Water Jetting Services to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Regular cleaning of your drain line and pipes is key to keeping your business operations running smoothly. Plumbing emergencies or tank problems can lead to multiple issues, like sink and drain backups or sewer line clogs. Addilan Group offers professional line jetting services to properly clean out clogged pipes and clear drain lines.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Line jetting, also known as hydro jetting, is an environmentally safe and effective way to clear sewers, pipes, and drain lines. Hydro jetting uses high-velocity water pressure to blast through pipes and clear waste and blockages. Not only does it dislodge any solid build-up, but the high-powered streams will also clean the sides of the pipe and wash any residue. These high-powered water streams require special equipment. Typically a hose and nozzle will be attached to a pump that connects to a water tank that operates using a motorized pump. When the nozzle of the hose is placed in the drain or sewer line, turning on the motor will power the pump and initiate the flow of pressurized water through the hose and into the pipe.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Due to the necessary equipment and power of the high-pressure steam, it is crucial to have a trained professional complete your hydro jetting services. Although there is a cost associated with this, it is essential for your business, and there are several benefits to line jetting.


Not only is line jetting much faster than traditional methods, but the process can be used to clear a clog of any size in any type of pipe or drain line, thoroughly flushing out the jetting sewer line.


Because this process is so thorough and able to fully remove all dirt, sludge, and residue, you will have to clean your lines much less often and avoid expensive chemical treatments. By powering water through the line, you avoid the need to dig through the ground or walls and the expenses associated with that.


Because only water is used in the lines, no hazardous chemicals or drain cleaners that can contaminate the ground or environment are being used.


Once your drain line jetting is complete and the pipes are cleaned, there is no debris or materials to clean up, and you can continue to operate your business as usual, with no mess or delays.

Addilan Group Line Jetting Services

Our line jetting service programs are the most effective way to avoid clogged pipes caused by grease, food, minerals, and other common debris. Line jetting is used to clear blockages from main lines, sanitary lines, floor drains, and inlet/outlet lines. Because you do not need to break through walls or dig underground, line jetting is economical, less invasive, and quicker! Plus, it is environmentally friendly because it uses highly pressurized water instead of harsh chemicals. If your sewer pipes or drain lines are clogged, or you want to avoid any issues in the future, call Addilan Group today to schedule your hydro jetting services and keep your business running smoothly.