Essential Preventative Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties

 Essential Preventative Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties

When you own or manage a commercial property, you have enough to worry about day-to-day; from client relations to building upkeep, the list can feel endless. Any disruption, no matter how small, can wreak havoc on your business. Something as small as a leaking pipe can quickly snowball into countless issues that are far worse if preventive measures are not taken. To ensure your multi-site facility is running smoothly, the experts at Addilan Group share essential preventative services every commercial business requires so it can operate effectively.


Handyman Services

Utilizing commercial handyman services is essential to ensure your business is operating efficiently. A skilled handyman has the knowledge and skills to perform preventive maintenance as well as fix any problems that may arise with painting, caulking, flooring, drywall, lighting, leaks, etc. A small issue can quickly turn into something that would force your business to temporarily shut down if it is not caught early on. When you partner with a multi-site commercial trade services company like Addilan Group, you are provided with a team of professional and skilled handymen that will leave you with peace of mind knowing that the experts are taking care of your property.



Having licensed electricians inspect your multi-site property regularly is vital for operations to run smoothly and safely. It is easy to overlook how big of a role electricity plays in your business. While a faulty wire can lead to the lights shutting off, it can also cause far more dangerous conditions. Since safety is a major concern in any commercial business, it is crucial to keep your system in good shape. A small electrical issue can escalate to one much larger if not handled. If regular preventive maintenance is not performed, you could incur property damage and loss of revenue.


Plumbing Services

Commercial plumbing services vary drastically from residential plumbing services. Because of this, if you do not hire an expert to repair any issues, you can be faced with many more costs and damages. Commercial buildings require much larger plumbing fixtures and more complex piping. A plumber who is trained in commercial plumbing will be able to quickly assess and fix any issues to keep your business running smoothly.


HVAC Services

To the average person, HVAC may not seem important, but to a multi-site property owner, the quality of your commercial HVAC services affects the entire facility. An HVAC system that is not checked regularly can decrease the circulation in your business, resulting in dirty, stuffy air. If debris and dust are not regularly removed from your system, the cost to run it will increase and can lead to further damages. Also, if your HVAC system experiences extensive issues, your business may be without heating or cooling while it is fixed, which can lead to a decline in customer and employee comfort. 


Preventative Maintenance Services with Addilan Group

The key to a successful commercial business is to take the preventative steps needed for both interior and exterior maintenance. Instead of using multiple contractors or vendors for each issue, you can save time and headaches with a multi-site commercial trade service. At Addilan Group, we offer a multitude of preventative services that will keep your business running smoothly and safely. We can provide the quality and expertise you require as well as prompt response times and professional results. Connect with our team today at 833-ADDILAN to learn more!