Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Necessity

commercial kitchen hood cleaningOwning or managing a commercial kitchen is a big job that comes with a significant amount of work to ensure it is properly maintained. Someone needs to confirm the equipment is operating correctly, there is enough food to meet customer demand, everything is organized, and the utmost level of cleanliness is upheld. 

One critical component of a commercial kitchen that often gets overlooked is the ventilation system. The central hub of your ventilation system is your commercial kitchen hood. Because most of the hood and exhaust system is unseen, regular maintenance and cleaning sometimes are forgotten. Without routine restaurant hood cleaning, you could find yourself with an inoperable hood, increased fire risk, or health violations. Thankfully, the experts at Addilan Group share the importance of commercial hood cleaning and why you should schedule it to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your kitchen.

The Importance of Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Your exhaust hoods and ductwork can become clogged over time because of the constant levels of activity they experience every day. Many combustible materials accumulate in your ventilation system, including fats and grease, oily deposits, dirt, smoke, soot, mold, and dangerous toxins. If not cleaned regularly, serious dangers can occur, including increased fire risk, poor air quality, foul odors, bacteria growth, and a decreased lifespan of your equipment. These conditions are not fit for any restaurant and can ultimately lead to expensive repairs, costly violations, and even the threat of being shut down.    

As we stated above, much of your ventilation system is unseen, so how will you know when it needs cleaning? Signs include:

  • Visible dirt or grease buildup 
  • The canopy or duct is stained
  • Smoke is not clearing
  • The motor is making strange noises

While wiping down the hood with a degreasing compound should be a daily occurrence within your kitchen, it will not prevent grease buildup inside your ventilation system. Having a professional hood cleaning service come out for scheduled visits to inspect, clean, and maintain your commercial kitchen hood is the best way to ensure your system is working optimally and to prevent fire hazards. How often this service should be completed depends on the type of restaurant and its daily operations, but typically, we recommend every three months for heavy usage. 

When your kitchen exhaust system is clean and up to code, you will enjoy several benefits like:

  • Reduced risk of fire
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Enhanced performance from your ventilation system
  • Prolonged lifespan of your equipment
  • Fewer repairs
  • Improved air quality
  • Lower utility bills

Commercial Hood Cleaning with Addilan Group

At Addilan Group, we’re so much more than a multi-site facility services company; we’re a partner in your success! Our team provides preventative and reactive critical maintenance services to keep your commercial kitchen up and running smoothly. We offer extensive, value-added services like grease trap evacuation, hood cleaning, used cooking oil management, and so much more for our property managers or commercial kitchen owners. Let us do the dirty work for you! Connect with us today at 833-ADDILAN to make a difference in your business.