The Ins and Outs of Backflow Testing

backflow testingHaving clean water is crucial for any business, and making sure your water stays uncontaminated is essential. Backflow occurs when contaminated water reverses its flow and enters your commercial property’s clean water line. This can take place at any cross-connection between the clean and dirty water lines, and it is often caused by changes in the water pressure. When backflow occurs, all of the pollutants in the dirty water can enter your clean water supply and eventually your multi-site portfolio. Testing backflow is the best way to ensure your water is uncontaminated. Our team at Addilan Group is here to help make sure your water is safe. Consider these reasons why backflow prevention is crucial for your business to run smoothly and safely: 

Health Concerns

An obvious reason why testing backflow is important for your commercial property is the dangerous health concerns that arise when backflow occurs. Employees, customers, and anyone else who uses your water could be at serious risk when in contact with contaminated water. When you invest in backflow testing, you could be avoiding a serious risk to not only business operations but also to the health and wellness of the people inside your facilities.

Prevent Building Damage

When looking into the backflow of your building, you may opt for a backflow prevention device that works to ensure that your clean water lines remain uncontaminated. If dirty water reverses its flow and begins entering your commercial property, the walls and pipes could experience serious damage from the contaminants. A safety device can stop these damages from occurring to your building or multi-site portfolio

Help the Community 

Communities cannot thrive without a clean water supply. Contaminated water in your building or business can affect more than just those in the facility. Community members can fall ill and spread their sickness to others. Buildings can suffer damage from the pollutants as well. By getting your water lines tested and ensuring that your water supply is safe and clean, you can contribute to the overall well-being of the community. 

Environmental Concern

Contaminated water is never beneficial for the environment. Dirty water that enters back into the sewer system can eventually end up in oceans and lakes, making them more polluted. Ensuring your water lines stay safe and clean is a great way to keep the environment healthy. 

Addilan Group is Here to Help

Testing the backflow in your water lines must be taken seriously, and it should be conducted by a professional. Because of the harmful chemicals and pollutants in contaminated water, relying on a professional backflow inspector is the safest option. When you install a safety device to prevent backflow in your water lines, your device must be tested at least once a year. At Addilan Group, our team of licensed inspectors will work to ensure that you and your commercial property remain safe. We deliver detailed reports to make sure that cross-contamination never occurs in your water lines. To get started on testing for your multi-site portfolio, contact us today.