Grease Trap Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

grease trap cleaningDo you own or operate a commercial restaurant and need professional grease trap cleaning to maintain the sanitization standards for your business? Speaking with many in the industry, a common challenge restaurants face is that their current suppliers no longer offer grease trap service and are only interested in collecting the used cooking oil at your restaurants. Addilan Group is focused on providing solutions to your business challenges. 

Addilan Group can provide Grease Trap-only services for your commercial multi-site restaurant portfolio if that is what you need. Addilan Group also has the ability to provide the combined grease trap and used cooking oil management services for your sites. Any restaurant owner knows it is a very delicate process to properly clean grease traps for commercial kitchens. You must separate fats, oils, and grease from the water before it’s disposed to sewer lines or the city’s wastewater system. Incorrect disposal of grease can lead to significant problems for your business, including nasty odors, trap clogs and blockages, overflowing, health code violations, and expensive fines or repairs. Any of the issues can easily be avoided simply by hiring a professional grease trap cleaning company like Addilan Group. We have the necessary equipment and years of experience and expertise to make restaurant grease trap cleaning a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Benefits of Hiring a Grease Trap Cleaning Company

Besides the unpleasant odors, costly blockages, and potential fines, unmaintained grease traps can also force your kitchen to shut down. Addilan Group provides proactive evaluations and cleaning services, fully draining your grease traps, removing any hardened buildup and residue, and performing jetting services to keep your kitchen functioning properly. There are many other benefits to trusting a team of experts familiar with cleaning grease traps for commercial kitchens.

Costs Less Than Repairs

Investing in professional cleaning services will actually save you money in the long term because it is typically cheaper to maintain your grease trap system than to repair or replace it. When you neglect your grease trap or don’t properly clean it, emergency repairs can halt operations and shut down your kitchen. This will likely end up costing you more than if you had just invested in a cleaning service.

More Sanitary Kitchen

The function of a grease trap is to separate the fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. However, solid food and other debris will often get trapped and settle at the bottom of the tank. As these particles break down, they emit an unpleasant foul odor that seeps into your kitchen creating a difficult work environment and unsanitary conditions. 

Better For Environment

When your grease trap is full or gets clogged, the excess grease has nowhere to go but to overflow. This can either result in the overflowing into your kitchen, or the overflow escaping outside into waterways and drainage fields. This overflow is a significant health hazard and can result in hefty fines.

Trust Your Commercial Kitchen to Addilan Group

Addilan Group is much more than a facility services company. We are your partners. Our goal is to build long-standing relationships with our partners and provide valuable services to help your company succeed. To work with our dedicated team, and receive both preventative and reactive maintenance and cleaning services regardless of your industry, give Addilan Group a call today!