How to Enhance Curb Appeal on Your Multi-Site Portfolio

landscaping servicesWhether it’s maintaining flower beds at your retail space or guaranteeing the parking lot and walkways are pothole-free across your multi-site portfolio, as a property owner or manager, you’re responsible for all these tasks. Unfortunately, upkeep and continuous maintenance aren’t always easy to accomplish on your own. So how do you enhance curb appeal, increase customer visits, boost your property value, and stand out from the competition? By partnering with a commercial landscape management and exterior building maintenance company! Continue reading to learn why this is a worthwhile investment and five helpful tips to spruce up your commercial property.

Embrace Quality Landscape Management Services

Keeping your multi-site portfolio tidy is a simple and significant part of maintaining curb appeal. A clean, well-maintained, and decorated look to your exterior says a lot about what goes on inside your property. Keep grass green and trimmed, and add elements like flowers, shrubs, landscaping boulders, or a water feature to make your space more inviting and visually appealing. Consider partnering with a professional green team to handle every aspect of your landscape maintenance program throughout the seasons. 

Improve the Parking Lot and Sidewalks

Nothing makes a poor first impression like a parking lot in disarray. Not only do potholes, bumps, cracks, and other imperfections look bad, but they’re also a liability. Your commercial parking lot should be clean and easy to navigate to avoid trips, falls, and damage to guests’ vehicles. Fixing potholes, painting new parking lines, and keeping walkways in top shape will boost your curb appeal and guarantee your visitors get the best perspective of your property upon arrival.   

Brighten the Exterior

A dull, dirty exterior can negatively impact the inside of your business. Dust, dirt, and mold builds up on the siding, and doors and windows become grimy. Power washing is an easy way to keep up the appearance of your space. After a thorough cleaning, consider repainting the doors, windows, accents, trim, or other elements of your building to bring renewed vibrancy to your multi-site portfolio. 

Add Lighting Elements 

Ensure your multi-site portfolio looks good day or night with updated lighting. Lighting should be bright around your entryway and the parking lot to ensure visitors safely make their way to and from your building. Consider motion lights along the walkways for added appeal and security. 

Update Signage 

Your visitors need to find your multi-site portfolio. One of the easiest ways to direct them is with visible signage. Your welcome signs should be clean, clear, up-to-date, and large enough to see from the street or nearest sidewalk. 

Exterior Building Maintenance and Landscape Management With Addilan Group

Maintaining your facility’s exterior space is a full-time job. When you partner with Addilan Group, we ensure your safety and that your customers always have a great first impression. Our team of highly skilled arborists, horticulturists, and irrigation technicians goes beyond the basics of landscaping design and exterior maintenance. From lawn cutting, parking lot repair and maintenance, site cleanliness, and shrub and plant care management, trust us to handle all your needs. Connect with us today at  833-ADDILAN.